31 October 2007

Happy Halloween

Blue has a party at her preschool today. And all the parents are supposed to stay and help man various game tables. Which should be fun except I also will be manning Lion so we'll see how helpful I am.

Blue is (not sure if I've already said) dressing as a pirate. She is super excited. Ever since we played minigolf on a pirate ship at Ocean City this summer she has been obsessed with pirates. Her favorite game is to scream "The pirates are coming! The pirates are coming! Aaaaaaah!" and then run around like a maniac.

So of course when I saw a pirate costume for toddler girls in Target, I had to get it.

The Lion is going to wear his Manchester United uniform.

I wonder if I should dress up for this party. The problem is, dressing up as something kids will appreciate (like an animal or clown or scarecrow or some shite like that) requires actual costume gear that we just don't have lying around. I mean, I have thought of a couple of lame ideas but I don't think the kids will get the joke -- or even the other parents.

Like I have this fall that matches my hair. I bought it before my wedding, in case my hairdresser needed to make my hair fuller, but then she didn't need it. Sometimes I wear it if I'm having a bad hair day and it always cracks Jonathan up because it looks so realistic. He'll come home and ta-da his wife has long hair today! Anyway, I thought I could wear that and some huge sunglasses and tacky clothes and carry some Starbucks and be ...

Anyone? Anyone?

Sigh. Britney Spears. See? Pretty lame. I think I would just look like myself except with longer hair.

Pathetic. I don't even have a witch hat to pull out of storage...

But it's not about me. I know this. But I love Halloween. I love dressing up. I just didn't realize I would have an opportunity to do so this year until I got the flier from Blue's teacher yesterday asking parents to attend the party. I'm going to go ransack my closet...

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