20 October 2007

it's late and the plane is late so

I decided to blog. I usually type something really quickly in the mornings while the toodlers eat their breakfast and I sip my coffee. Because once their little feet hit the floor, the whining and slapping and tugs-of-war ensue. And I have to be the referee.

Katherine complimented one of my recent posts today and I was so thrilled. Seriously, completely thrilled. Because not only do I suffer qualms regarding punctuation and grammar (due largely to Katherine herself) but I also read too many other blogs to think mine is very interesting. But enough blog insecurity. Sorry 'bout that! I don't want to be one of those girls who is always saying, "I'm so fat. I'm so ugly. blahblah" so that her friends are required to say, "No, you're not. You're wonderful. blahblah" back.

Anyway, I am very tired so the grammar and the punctuation police will have to suck it. Although I did just correct a typo. I had typed pol;ice which looks kinda cute, but I am nowhere near that tired. My God.

The thing is Andy's flight was delayed. By like 7 hours, so basically he lost an entire day of his visit. Which sucks. So Jonathan has gone to pick him up at the airport and then they will probably arrive here somewhere close to midnight.

And I am torn as to what I should do.

Should I get all dressed properly and greet him at the door which may cause him to feel obligated to stay up even later (bearing in mind it will be about 5 in the morning England-time and no one can ever sleep on a plane)


Do I just go to bed so the boys can catch up and Andy can go to bed if he wants?

Gentle Reader, what would you do? And is it too too obvious what I want to do?


Olivia said...

I say go to sleepy town. That way you are refreshed and can be the Hostess with the Mostess tomorrow morning.

patherine said...

Go to bed. Let the boys catch up and Andy head to bed if he wants.

Also, I post grammar stuff on my page b/c that's my interest and it's for me to learn. I don't care if others' blogs are/are not perfect. Don't be paranoid! And your blog is my absolute favorite; no lie. The most talented writers can make blowing their nose attention-worthy, and that is you, my friend.

girlysmack said...

Haha I love you guys! I totally went to bed.

The boys got in around 11:30, though, so I ran down in jammies with wet hair and said hello and then I went back up to bed. The boys? They stayed up for hours drinking Fosters and behaving badly. I think I made the right decision.