21 October 2007

two men and a little lady

He's here! He's here! He's here!

Well, he's not actually here, per say, because the boys are currently revisiting their old stomping ground, MWC, with Blue -- or as Jonathan put it, posing as a gay couple with their adopted daughter because everyone knows young coeds cannot resist the appeal of a small child.

Anyway, Random Question of the Day:

Do you think family recipes should be shared or closely guarded?


Olivia said...

Depends. How much do you like the person to whom you would be sharing said recipe with?

girlysmack said...

Why, are you hoping to get your hands on my family recipes????

No, really, I guess I should clarify and say "Do you think the recipes should be passed down in the family or not?"

Olivia said...

Definately. If you don't pass them down then what is the point of having family recipes in the first place?