08 January 2008

brace yourselves, I am feeling patriotic:

What an amazing time we are living in right now. And what an amazing party I support. That come November there will be a woman or a black man on the ballot.

I find I am torn. I mean, I am a Democrat. I will vote for whoever is ultimately chosen to represent the Democratic party. But. I am torn as to who I support right now. Right at this moment, sitting at my computer. I love Barack Obama. I hear him speak and I am moved. Inspired. Excited. I hear him speak and I feel patriotic. Which I haven't felt in a long, long time. Every time I hear Bush say "the American people" (and he says it every time he opens his mouth) I want to vomit. How on earth did that man ever ... What ever. I will not discuss that.

I sometimes think, Is Obama really so eloquent or am I just used to listening to our current incoherent president? And then I hear Obama speak again, and I think, No. He is eloquent. He is That Good.

But I am a woman. And how could I not support another woman running for president? How can I call myself a feminist?

Because I really think Hillary is an amazingly qualified and seriously brilliant candidate. And if we are to have a female president anytime in the near future, she is the only one I see that could possibly win. I mean, who else is out there that that many people have even heard of? Oprah?

But I have always thought Hillary also would have so many people voting against her just because they hated her husband, that she might not stand a chance. So why not throw my vote in with the most electable candidate? Who just happens to be someone that really inspires me?

At any rate, how incredible is this?! A woman and a black man both running for president? Both winning in the primaries so far?! I know I am just stating the obvious, but I really think this is an amazing time to vote. That this is truly history in the making.

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