08 January 2008


We took the kids to Build-a-Bear on Sunday.

Jonathan's cousin, Jill, sent the toodlers gift cards to Build-a-Bear for Christmas. Otherwise I don't think I would have ventured in there. Looked way too scary.

But in we went. And Lion finally, after much coaxing and about a hundred "No-wuh"s (those of you with children are familiar, I am sure, with the annoying two-syllabled "no") grabbed a plain brown teddy bear skin. Blue took about 2 seconds to run over to a very garish pink spotted leopard skin (wearing leopard makeup) and fell hopelessly in love.

So then we watched Blue kiss the leopard's little cloth heart, blow a wish onto it, warm it with her hands and then help the man in the store stuff the leopard skin. She seemed to think it was all pretty cool.

Lion, on the other hand, repeated "No-wuh" a few thousand more times and would not let go of his bear skin. So we grabbed a duplicate bear skin from the bin and stuffed that one instead, with much less pomp and circumstance. Just stuffed it, stitched it and switched bears. He looked down at the bear, after I had wrestled the limp bear skin out of his grimy fist and replaced it with a stuffed bear and said (what else) "No-wuh!"
So we named his bear Noah.

Blue dressed her leopard. In the sluttiest clothing available. A denim mini skirt and a tank top with a tattoo of a rose on the front. Which somehow looks appropriate on a pink leopard wearing makeup.

Blue named her Leopard. But you can call her whatever you want, honey.

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