13 January 2008

every, every minute

Well, I guess I have definitely not been blogging every day. Sigh. I'm glad that I didn't really promise I would or anything. It was just an idea I was kickin' around, that's all.

I cannot believe the Lion is going to turn 2 next month. It really is passing so fast. It's exhausting, trying to savor every minute. To be present in the moment every day. It reminds me of the line from Our Town:

Emily: Doesn't anyone ever realize life while they live it? Every, every minute?
The Stage Manager responds: No. Saints and poets, maybe; they do some.

I just love Our Town, by the way. No matter how cheesy it may be. It always makes me cry. And it always reminds me of Deron Bos, who played George in our high school production. Andrea and I had such crushes on him! The way he would stage-whisper, "psst! Emily!" We went weak in the knees every time!


Dark Fury said...

Our Town is not cheesy. It's beautiful. If it doesn't make you cry then you're a robot. That's all I have to say about that.

andrea said...

yes...it's the best. our dedication to Our Town is when i knew we were soulmates

Anonymous said...

My motto is "life is not a dress rehearsal"