18 February 2008

happy birthday to me

and to John Travolta.

But mostly to me.

I am having a kind of crummy start to my day. Not to sound whiny or self-pitying because I am sure my day will get much much better but right now it is just any old day. And I have a big, bad headache. And the toodlers keep screaming at each other so I am feeling a lot of irritation towards them both.

Yesterday rocked.

Yesterday afternoon, my amazing friends, Olivia and Katherine and Jen, kidnapped me and whisked me away (blindfolded) for a lovely afternoon tea at the new local teahouse, Pinkadilly:

We were joined by my other dear friends, Barbra, Roxanna, Elisa and Adrienne. We had such an awesome time!

The decor was ubergirly: all pink and lacy and floral and the food was absolutely fabulous. They even served these teeny, tiny glasses of bread pudding which is my favorite food of all time so I was in heaven. And they had these hilarious, humongous hats for us to wear. Olivia looked like "Hello, Dolly" and I somehow got clotted cream in my tulle (twice), but we looked incredible. Somehow, Adrienne managed to own her hat; she seriously looked as if she had worn it to the teahouse. As soon as Roxanna emails me some photos, I'll post them.

Thank you, ladies, for an unforgettable day! I am seriously so in love with you all it is ridiculous. And more than a little creepy...

On a side note, I am now officially in hell. As I am typing this, trying to keep my children from killing each other, we are listening to a children's music channel on the tv. A crappy, kids' version of "Holiday" by Weezer is playing. WTF?


Anonymous said...

I am so so glad you enjoyed it. I had such fun too!

And happy birthday on your official day.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday my sweet girl! I'm so glad the DWAFS took you for tea, it was absolutely the perfect thing to do....they know you well!


Dark Fury said...

Happy Birthday, Little Susie Homemaker! You mean that wasn't Dolly Levi sitting across from me? Darn! I'm so confused!

Olivia said...


I hope that you day gets better. Just drink alot, that's what I do.

Me said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful year ahead
Many, many happy returns of the day :)

Roxanna said...

Happy Birthday... I hope that you did have a good time. Also I will try and get those pictures to you. My computer at home is really slow so I have been putting it off but I will try and get it done today. : )