28 February 2008

Nerds, a nebulizer and a new handbag

I just checked the mail and what do you know? My best friend, Andrea, sent me a box of Nerds for my birthday! Mmmmmm...

I can hardly believe we will be picking up our puppy in one week. Jonathan and I keep asking each other, "Are you sure about this? We can always back out..." because we are having an overwhelming feeling of What-on-Earth-are-we-doing? But I remember feeling that way just before Blue and Lion were born. Not wanting to back out, but thinking What-on-Earth-are-we-doing?

Poor Lion is doing a bit better. He still has a horrible cough but he is not acting like such a pill so he must be feeling a lot better. He has to use a little nebulizer at least three times a day. He is such a good sport. We sit together on the couch (he loves to cuddle) and I put on "The Lion King" or "The Wiggles" turned up very loud because the nebulizer is very loud. He is so good and sits very still. The little mask has a triceratops horn on it. Here's a picture of one:

Very cute in a pathetic sort of way. The moment I take the little mask off of his face, he bolts off my lap and runs around. I think it is the only part of the day where he is still.

I have officially retired my tiger bag.

tiger bag
March 2007 - Feb 2008
You will be missed

The snap was breaking on it and it was pretty beat up looking. So now I have done a complete 180 and purchased the preppiest bag I have ever held, this Ralph Lauren number:

I know, right? Maybe Adrienne is right and I am a schizo. This time Little Suzie Homemaker beat out EmoGirl. I can't help it. I just love houndstooth.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Emo Girl is allowed to have such a bag. I think Emo Girl should give this bag to her dear friend, Retainer Girl.

Just puttin' that out there.

-Retainer Girl

Dark Fury said...

You're scary . . . . schizo!!