19 March 2008


This has been a rough week at the Young house. Jonathan has the flu. Bad. If you are keeping score, you may have realized that on any given day, at least one member of this family has been sick since Thanksgiving. Sucks to be us alright.

Jonathan is really, really sick though. He has had a high fever since Sunday. He finally broke down and said he will go to the doctor tomorrow. I don't think Jonny believes in doctors, but that is fodder for a different post.

At least he has a job he can do at home. He has been typing every day, so at least he can stay indoors and not wear a suit.

Today I was seriously losing my shit, though. It's been a long week. With Jonny being so ill I have been caring for the kids and Mabel. And I waver between bursts of manic energy where I run around doing laundry and cleaning the bathrooms because I am so sure I will be sick next and I don't want the house to be a complete mess if/when I cannot drag my ass out of bed. In between these moments of busyness, I try to rest so I don't get sick next. So I am alternately trying to prepare for my impending flu and trying to prevent it.

So this morning, after another night (not) sleeping on the couch downstairs so I can take Mabel out in the night without disturbing Jonathan I was a complete bitch. (I strongly dislike that word but in this case, it is an apt description of me this morning.)

I had a headache and all the coffee in the world would not have put a spring in my step. Mabel had gotten up for good at 5 and I was very tired and crabby. I kept grinding my teeth and snapping at the kids and then apologizing to them for snapping at them...

So Jonny told me to get out of Dodge. And I did, feeling so guilty that I was leaving a sick man in charge of a toddler, a preschooler and a puppy. But I had the best day ever. I walked around downtown all by myself and then I went to Pier1 and Borders and Target. I had lunch at Chipotle where I realized several things:

1. I love Chipotle (I already knew this, but I think I had forgotten it)
2. I am a pig
3. I sat at the counter in the window, thinking if I couldn't see any of the other customers, they couldn't see me polish off an entire Chipotle veggie burrito in one sitting
4. I have the best husband ever
5. Chipotle plays some kickass music
6. I miss Leila

That last one may seem a little random, but Leila makes the best lime/cilantro rice. It really is just as good as Chipotle. Sigh. Stupid war in Iraq. Borrowing my sister-in-law without my permission and taking away my source of free advice and lime/cilantro rice.

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Roxanna said...

I am so sorry you are having a hard week. I hope that it gets better and that J starts to feel better too.