24 March 2008


We had a very nice Easter. On Saturday night we dyed our eggs. This was the first year I think we have done this with the kids. Last year, Jonathan and I were in London so Blue and the Lion celebrated Easter with our family, and the year before that Blue was only about 20 months old and the Lion was just born so I don't even know if we dyed eggs at all.

They had fun. Blue decorated the dried eggs with tons of little stickers and we laughed watching Lion dump the eggs into the dye, splashing the table and possibly smashing the egg in the process. It was very surreal.

Then Jonathan put out a carrot for the Easter bunny and the kids went to bed. Blue told Jonathan she was going to watch out her window for the Easter bunny.

In the morning, there were two baskets on the table beside what was left of the carrot we left out. Blue was very excited to see that the Easter bunny had eaten the carrot, but I think she was surprised that he hadn't eaten the entire carrot. I told her he would get too full if he ate a whole carrot at every house and she seemed to agree with me.

The kids loved their baskets. But I think the things they loved the most were their new toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Lion spent all morning pretending to put toothpaste on his toothbrush and then brushing his teeth. I love how he brushes his teeth because he shakes both arms back and forth, not just the one holding the toothbrush. He does this when he colors too. It's super cute.

All in all, I think the Easter bunny did a most excellent job of selecting presents for them. I applaud the Easter bunny's fine judgment and gifting abilities. It was strange, watching the kids go through their baskets. I thought about all the years to come with those baskets. I imagine Blue getting pretty little earrings and maybe some perfume one Easter. I imagine Jonathan and I reminiscing about this year, the first Easter we really dyed eggs as a family and how very little the kids were.

I know I say this all the time, but they really are growing up so fast! Lion can even say Blue now very correctly. What happened to the days when they called each other Boo and Wion?


Olivia said...

Aww!! :)

MARY said...

I just love what you did. I MISS YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Give the kids a kiss from me.

Roxanna said...

Well it sounds like you guys had a really wonderful time.

tonya said...

Happy Anniversary Erin and Jonathan!
Hoping to get together with you both in the near future.
Love and blessings,