14 March 2008

on my doggy, digging, decorating and dancers

I have to report that Mabel is fitting in to our family perfectly. She is such a perfect little puppy! She sleeps for like 20 hours of the day, I swear! And when she is awake, sometimes she is a bit of a spaz, trying to bite our pantlegs and rolling around on her back a lot. But since she sleeps so much and even sleeps almost through the night (she only goes out once a night to pee) I cannot complain. It's crazy to me that she will just get more mellow as she gets older!

The weather has been beautiful here. Jonny bought a hammock this week so he is outside right now, napping in the sun. I have been grubbing in the dirt today. The side of our yard along our driveway is just a horrible place. There are more rocks than dirt. No grass. It is very ugly. It looks like a quarry. And it slopes down so steeply from the driveway that any soil gets washed away. We don't know what to do there. I mean, we have plenty of ideas of things we could do there, but they all cost a lot of money. So in the meantime, I was out there today raking up the larger rocks and after a few hours, made a teeny tiny dent in the rocks. Sigh.

It was a bit chaotic in our yard this morning. I babysit Sam Davenport on Friday mornings. So Blue, the Lion and Sam were all playing (loudly) on the swingset while Mabel chased them around and played in the grass.

The kids are doing really great with Mabel. Lion seems a little bit afraid of her when she nips at his feet, but we are trying to teach him to stand still and call for us when she does that or she will chase him around. It's a slow process.

I found another blog that I love. It's about a woman who also has a dog named Mabel! It's called Mabel's House. Her house is so cute, I just want to go visit her and curl up on her chair

and read a book and look around at all of her pretty, pretty things.

I'm thinking Mabel must be a common pet name, because there is yet another blogger I have a crush on, Nicole from Making it Lovely, and she has a cat named Mabel. Either Mabel is a popular pet name or this is just proof that if I did ever get to meet these girls we would totally be bffs.

And speaking of bffs, my very own bff, Andrea, is coming to visit in a couple weeks! So I am super excited. And redoing the guest room for her.

Which Jonny is not too thrilled about but as long as he doesn't have to lift a paintbrush he usually doesn't mind what I do. Now if I could just figure out how to hang curtains by myself he would be very happy. I am forever asking him to switch out curtain rods and it is quite a tedious project. From the looks of it.

This is Andrea's headshot from the Merce Cunningham site. Isn't she pretty? She is coming to visit after the company performs in DC. So if you are in DC the last weekend of March, you should check them out!

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