15 April 2008

best party ever

If I do say so myself. Jonny and I hosted a birthday party for Olivia Saturday. Which she does a much better job of recapping than I ever could so definitely check out her version of the day.

I love that the weather was perfect after Livi and I stressed all week about the potential rain and thunderstorms that were being discussed by local weathermen.

I love that everyone brought such fabulous food and so I was free to completely mingle and not fuss in the kitchen all night.

I love all of Olivia's friends and family.

I love the homemade Thai iced tea ice cream that Kelly brought.

I love Olivia's friend, Davey. I love that he tells the most entertaining and bizarre stories I've ever heard. (I overheard one story where he was admitting he owns a prosthetic leg. A black female prosthetic leg.)

I love that Jonny got to really relax after a horribly hellish week at work.

I love that Olivia's sister, Katie, and her husband, Brock, (who are so awesome) were able to make it into town for the party -- and let me bum a couple of cigarettes. (I know, I know, but I was a little drunk.)

I love the freakin' delicious lemon sour cream pound cake Adrienne made for the party. I love that it was dusted with confectioner's sugar which blew all over the place when Olivia blew out her candles.

I love dancing to Thriller with Olivia. I love that I said to her, all drunk and disappointed, "Nobody is paying attention to us."

I love that my stepsister, Roxanna, was able to make it and then able to stay for hours when we had thought she would have to leave almost as soon as the party started.

I love that Leila called me during the party to tell me she was home from Iraq.

I love that people stayed until 12:30, making this the longest party I've ever thrown because we had people hanging out at our house for over nine hours.


Olivia said...

I love this post! :)

Retainer Girl said...

I love that your friends are so awesome, they even helped you clean up! Because we *do* rock! :D

Dark Fury said...

I loved the party & your post about the party!

Hell, I loved cleaning up after the party too!

Roxanna said...

I had a great time as did everyone.