13 April 2008

it's a small world after all

So I just had a moment. An epiphany.

My BFF, Andrea, as I have mentioned a billion times, is a dancer. She went to Juilliard and dances with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. She is fabulous. She has a brand new blog that makes me so happy.

Another awesome, terrific, beautiful friend of mine, Jen Perry, designs costumes for a dance company. She travels a lot and lived in New Orleans for a while but her home base is still here in Virginia. So I am a big idiot and never asked her the name of the dance company she works for. Or maybe I have but promptly forgot it. Yeah, yeah, I know. I am not big on details like that. (If you think you know where this little story is going, you are wrong. Jen does not design for Andrea's company. Sit tight. Wait for it.)

So I am sitting here this morning, with an immense hangover, sipping my coffee and reading all of my friends' blogs. First I read Andrea's blog. She put up a link today to a Times article featuring 2 close friends of hers who are fellow dancers. One of them is Brady, who I met some 15 years ago while she was at Juilliard, but who I remember to this day because he has this bright red hair (so he reminded me of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) and because that guy could tapdance like I had never ever seen. Anyway, Brady now dances with the Mark Morris Dance Group and is mentioned in today's New York Times.

Next I click on Grumpy Editor's blog and she is raving about our friend Jen (who is currently staying with Katherine and Olivia) and how much Jen rocks the house and ... yup, here it is ... she designs for the Mark Morris Dance Group. How crazy that I never knew this. And that if I hadn't just read these two blogs back-to-back I would probably never know this. What an amazingly small world. That my very dear friend and fellow DWAFS member should work with one of Andrea's dear friends and former schoolmates...

Anyway. Maybe this isn't as cool as I think it is. But here I am with my head pounding and my mouth tasting like an ashtray, sipping my coffee, looking like hell, and I'm like, Wait a second here. Mark Morris... Why is that ringing a bell?


Anonymous said...

It's very cool Erin! But these things happen to you. Remember in your college dorm when someone saw Andrea's picture and asked how she was doing. And you started to answer before it hit you - how in the world did they know each other???


Anonymous said...

Erin--Hope the hangover is clearing up! I'm nursing the coffee this morning, too--Hyperion deliciousness!
And now, let's all hum a few bars of "It's a Small World After All".....yes, I do know Brady. He can still tap dance like nobody's business and he still has a head full of amazing red curls. We once shared an incredible plum tart in a London park and believe me, that is a happy, happy food memory. I do feel that I need to clear up one thing...I am not so cool as to be designing for MMDG. I am a lowly wardrobe supervisor. I dress the dancers, do laundry, refurbish costumes, help with quick changes. I deal with dance belts more than I care to admit! Not so glamorous, but the job is fun and I love being around the MMDG.
Thanks for a great gathering last night...I had a wonderful time. I love seeing you all!

Anonymous said...

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Dark Fury said...

Oh, cripes! Hope you're feeling better and, yeah, who don't you know and/or have a connection to? Answer? Nobody!

Where's Weber said...

crazy world.