20 May 2008

I don't want to lose a foot

an email I received tonight from Lesley:

GO TO THE DOCTOR... seriously girl... I've had a poisonous spider bite and if not treated right away, it can literally kill your tissue and it won't go back. Not to make you nervous, but seriously... it can also kill you eventually if it reaches your heart... it can be very serious and can take a couple days to do the nasty work, so GO TO THE DOCTOR.


jeremyandchristina said...

I agree. J's dad has gotten blood poisoning from bites like that. I can't remember if it was a copperhead, cat scratch, or spider bite that landed him in he hospital. Either way - if your foot still hurts, just get it checked.


Dark Fury said...

Please tell me you went to the doctor. Spider? Snake? Don't care! Go. Now.