22 May 2008

I'm a Charlotte

I took the quiz that Grumpy Editor mentioned on her blog and apparently I am a Charlotte. I have only ever seen 2 or 3 episodes of Sex & the City and those were on TBS so I don't even know if that counts. So I don't know if being a Charlotte is a good thing or not, but she's pretty, even though she has a lazy eye.

Charlotte types are classical beauties that don't often fall for trendy makeup looks or hair styles du jour. You're not a huge fan of changing your beauty looks and you prefer neutral makeup (my guess is that you're probably a Bobbi Brown lover). You keep your hair the same length, color and style because it's versatile and timeless.

Here's the quiz.

1 comment:

Where's Weber said...

i'm a carrie. but charlotte and miranda were close seconds.