22 May 2008


I just had a visit from a rep for the moving company and we set up our moving date as June 20th.

I felt like I was doing so well, packing up a storm and really weeding through all of our belongings. But after walking through the entire house from top to bottom with Mary Katherine I am exhausted by all of the work still to be done. She told me we are doing great and that once I can get all of the stuff I have decided not to bring out of the house, I will feel a lot better. So today I am going to make some trips to the salvation army.

We have always moved ourselves, since we have always just moved from place to place in this same town, so the idea of being out there in Denver, sipping some coffee and just pointing to where I want the movers to put things is very bewitching.


Retainer Girl said...

And by Salvation Army, you mean Katherine and Olivia's flat, right?


girlysmack said...

haha You called it--I am totally bringing tons of stuff to your place tonight!

Roxanna said...

Hey Tim and I always need stuff to... : ) we will even come and pick it up haha

Olivia said...

Please don't go! Please don't go but please give us things. :D

Shannon Hanson said...

I can't believe you guys are actually moving. When Roxanna told me I was like "What!?!?" You'll be missed tons...but I hear Colorado is great, I have a couple of friends out there.