23 May 2008

predictions from 1993

I was going through a box of papers in my closet looking for the kids' birth certificates and I found these 2 little slips of paper from the summer of 1993. Andrea and I had just exchanged yearbooks and we decided to try and predict where we will both be in 5 years. Which would have been what? 1998 and I had to laugh at how much we each thought the other would accomplish in just 5 years! But they are pretty neat. Here they are:

Where Andrea will be in 5 years...

Andrea will be dancing in some company but we will still be in touch and very close although we won't see each other often. She will still be beautiful and lithe and exactly the same.

She will not be married -- yet, don't despair, Dree -- but she will be in love w/ some awesome guy who will put Scott Rochon to shame & who is either a dancer or an actor. Or her choreographer. (Someone who has the kind of job where one would expect him to be gay, but he isn't.) He's older than her by about 2 or 3 years and treats her like a queen...

I only see her once a year but she always calls and writes and sends cute messages in the mail.

She will be married eventually, just not yet, okay?


and then Andrea wrote:

Where Erin Roth will be in 5 years?

I predict that Erin will be living in Fredericksburg or somewhere in Virginia with a husband. She will be teaching English, perhaps at North Stafford, and she will be one of those teachers that students adore and come back to visit. Erin will possibly have a child. If not, one will be on the way soon. In her spare time she will continue to write poetry and stories. I think Erin will write a masterpiece, but this might be later in her life.

When she has kids, Erin will be a wonderful mom. I can imagine her singing her children to sleep just like she used to sing in the Drama Department's Girls' Bathroom.

ERIN WILL ALWAYS HAVE MANY CATS! (like that isn't obvious)


Kristen said...

That's great! Love it. :)

Amy Heiman said...

I always thought you would have cats, too, but it turns out you're a dog person!

Where's Weber said...

that's awesome!!!! so funny that i said "like that isn't obvious" hee hee