11 June 2008

thank you

I want to thank everybody who has been so supportive lately during this crazy time--I was so touched by the comments everyone left on my last two posts. I really have been blessed with amazing friends and family...

I took the kids to see my grandparents this weekend. They were so well behaved (the kids, I mean) in the car and also at Grandma and Pop's. I was so proud of them. And I am hoping that this means they will behave on the plane. It was such a brief visit that I didn't even take any pictures and it already feels like the entire visit was just an idea I had.

Jonathan was cleaning out the garage today and packing up his tools. I was out there for a bit, trying to help, and Blue was playing/helping too. She was on her big Dora tricycle and all of a sudden she hollered, "Mommy! Daddy! Look! I'm pedalling!" We were so proud of her! And she figured it out all by herself!

She is so funny. Last night at dinner, she said, "Excuse me. I just farted a lot a lot a lot."


Roxanna said...

haha Sadie must take after Tim haha

Where's Weber said...

i love that sadie is so self expressed:):) danny laughed hard.
you guys are going to have such a wonderful adventure. ups and downs ofcourse, but an opportunity that you will always be thankful that you took. you will never wonder "what if" i am so happy for you

Amy Heiman said...

I'll just ditto Andrea's comment. What a great adventure! Keep us all updated.

Dark Fury said...

I can't believe you'll be gone in 5 days! I miss you already.
Atleast Sadie is polite?