08 July 2008

feeling blue

Blue got her hair cut yesterday. She decided she wanted shorter hair, "just like Lion's" but I convinced her that that was perhaps a little too short. So while we were in Wal-Mart picking up groceries, she got her hair cut in a sleek little bob. (I'll post pictures soon, I promise.)

It is very cute. I told Jonathan, she looks like some rich little private-school girl. But maybe that's because her haircut reminds me of Madeline.

I was feeling a little blue last night. Which is bound to happen a lot, I'm sure, but it still isn't much fun. I know we haven't been here long enough to have made friends yet, but still. I think it is not going to be very easy for me. To find friends, I mean. I really miss my friends and my family.

I got Monarch of the Glen, series 3, part 3 in the mail from Netflix yesterday and I put the kids down for a nap and watched all 4 episodes. And that made me homesick for Olivia and Adrienne. I said to Jonathan last night, "Where will I find friends who love Jane Austen and British television out here?" He smiled and said there are women like that everywhere and that I will find them but we've only been here 2 weeks. And I know he is right, but I still couldn't help feeling sad.

I am very lucky that my husband is also my best friend, but I miss just calling Olivia and telling her to come on over. I miss her just walking in the front door without knocking and the kids going apeshit with excitement.

This move is going to be an enormous challenge for me. Growing up, I went to school with the same people since kindergarten so I never had to make any sort of effort to make new friends. And I am blessed to still be very close to my best friends, Andrea, Lesley, Christina and Amy. I love them so much.

And I met all the DWAFS while working at Borders. And we were all so young and went out after work and we all already knew we shared a love of books and movies because we chose to work surrounded by them. So now, if I tried to have some part time job at Borders (not that I would yet because then I wouldn't see Jonathan very much) but even if I tried, I would be this old mom who no one would ask out drinking after work anyway. Not that I need to meet my friends in a bar, or anything. That's not what I mean. I can't express myself very well today.

I made friends in college. Wonderful friends. But I don't even remember how that happened. We were just thrown together the first couple of days before school started and it was like being at summer camp or something. We were together 24/7.

I try to be friendly everywhere I go, like yesterday at this AMAZING mall I went to with the kids. I was chatty with any and every woman I passed. I was in the elevator with some other moms-with-strollers and I would smile and make small talk and then ding! the doors would open and we would go our separate ways. And I'm sure I'm just being impatient. It'll happen. I mean, who doesn't have friends, right?

But Olivia, Roxanna, Kris, Adrienne, Katherine, Elisa, Barbra, Leila, Karen, Kathy, Christina, Amy, Shannon, Sam, Diana, Velvet and Elizabeth ... I miss you guys.


diana.daniel said...

You will do fine... I remember meeting Sam for the first time and thinking, 'Wow, this is a cool girl. I would like to hang out with her.' Then I remember thinking that it can be as hard to meet friends as it can be to meet the right person to get romantical with. I am glad I met Sam and glad I met you too!!

Good luck, girl! You'll do fine.

Kristen said...

I feel for you and wish you all the best in finding new friends. That is so hard. Have you looked for a local ladies bookclubs or any other social-type groups or anything? Have you tried hanging out at any local playgrounds to scope out other moms?

I think, really though, 2 weeks is a really short time. I'm amazed that you've been out and about as much as you have already! I'm sure you will have new friends in no time. And thank goodness for blogging to stay in touch with those that are far away! :)

Olivia said...

I really miss you too! It is not the same without you guys here. But don't you worry because as soon as I hit lotto I am sooooo out there!


Anonymous said...

I miss you, too. Join some book clubs or a family hiking club, so you guys can all meet people.

ciao peeps,

jeremyandchristina said...

We miss you, too! But we also know you will find more amazing, hilarious, generous, Jane Austen loving women. You are an incredible spirit in an amazing place - those have GOT to be the recipe for finding some more friends.

Retainer Girl said...

Look, all you have to do is figure out how to morph Colorado with Fred Vegas (and Fair Lakes, for my job), then we can all be together in the best situation. So get to it! :D

We miss you too.

Elisa said...

I miss you, too. But at least you are talking to perfect strangers...I mean that is good, right? Just keep it up. Maybe the Universe is holding out an amazing person for you and it doesn't want you to get preoccupied and distracted by these other people.

Dark Fury said...

Ah, hon! You'll be fine. Once the kids get back to school and things you'll meet other moms and aunts and things!

Oh, and just in case the 8 comments weren't a clue, we miss you too!

Amy Heiman said...

Back atcha, sister. I was a little sad that I didn't get to see you before you left.

MOMS club has been a great boon to me--I've met lots of great people through that. You might want to check that out where you are.

Jenn M said...

I know that 15 is very different from early 20's (haha).. I moved to a different state away from all of my friends when I was 15. I had to graduate with people I barely knew.. and in all honesty. Time is the only thing that helps you get over it Erin.. thats it. Don't try and rush out to find friends.. your going to find the wrong ones.. TRUST ME on that one!!! Call them on the phone and talk to them when your sad .. it really helps!

We miss you too :)

CindyLou said...

When I moved from Chicago I went through the SAME thing. It's easy to make friends when you are in school, you see the same people all the time and friendships just "happen", but when you get out of school and go somewhere that you don't know ANYONE, it's a lot harder. Making new friends is a lot like dating actually, awkwardness, trying to figure out if it's "ok" to call someone to hang out, etc. You will make friends eventually, but I know how lonely it feels right now and it still sucks, so I'm sorry. All I can say is that you won't feel like that forever.

Roxanna said...

Well I think it is safe to say that we all miss you and are thinking of you... you are a fun person you will find people to share good times with.

P.S. how come Net flicks has your new address and I don't???

Where's Weber said...

one day at a time and you will find amazing people to have community with. just look at all the amazing people to the left here. i know you get insecure about meeting people, but you truly are one of the funniest and most charismatic couples i know.

big hugs!!!

Sam said...

I agree with Cindy - making new friends IS a lot like dating (which terrifies me!) I've just been lucky to stumble into the OVBC and meet you and get to know the other girls better. And I hope to continue getting to know you - just from a little bit further away!

I also agree with Diana - I AM a cool girl (just kidding - I'm a BIG dork) - she's the cool one.

Lesley Jones said...

I love you too!!! When can we come visit? Heck you're closer than when you were in Virginia! Ha. And I second the vote on checking out your local MOMs club. At first I thought it would be a bunch of dorky moms with nothing better to do, but I was so so wrong... it was a bunch of people just like me. And now, just like the hair club for men, I'm not just a member, I'm the president (yeah, seriously - I am a dork).