05 July 2008

Happy 5th of July

We didn't make it to the fireworks last night.

Lion had an ear infection before we came out to Colorado and he was pretty fussy yesterday so I figured it was back. Since we have only been here a week, I haven't even really looked for a pediatrician yet (slacker) and since it was the fourth of July I knew none of them were open anyway. So Lion and I spent a while in a 24-hour Emergency Clinic yesterday afternoon. And discovered he does indeed have another ear infection.

So we started a new round of antibiotics last night and he went to bed early.

While the Lion and I were out, Jonathan and Blue and Mabel took not one but two long walks, so Blue (and Mabel) also went to bed early.

Jonathan and I stayed up half the night watching a "Jaws" marathon on tv.


Retainer Girl said...

I watched it too! :D

Olivia said...

Jaws rules!