23 July 2008

the way we were

My friend Kristen had this on her blog, so I'm playing along. :)

The rules are simple:

1. Everyone leave a comment with a memory of me. Whether you've known me for a really long time or not long at all, you can add whatever you like! Something, anything!

2. If you continue it on your blog, then I'll come over and add a memory of you! And if you don't have blog, I'll tell my memory in the comments.


Kristen said...

My memories of you are all of you smiling, so you must have been smiling a lot in High School! :)

Kerri said...

I totally forgot about our trip to Tech! Wow...we were very lucky to make it home alive, and I'm still amazed my parents even let me do it! What were they thinking?!? =)

For some reason, I have this picture of you in my head from After Prom party (not sure if it was junior or senior year) singing karaoke...probably senior year because I think it was the one at that fitness place in the Towne Center. And, in my memory, you have a funny costume on...like a feather hat on your head and a boa? Hmmm.....

Lesley Jones said...

First for Kerri - we sang that Karaoke as a group and if I recall, we won the contest... like $40 to split between 5 of us.

Ok, lets see... a memory... just one? Lik-M-Aid ... Courtland ... "Shucking the Bridge I Shot Down" ... backing into a phone poll trying to park in Richmond... blindfolding me and taking me to Chatham for a birthday picnic ... you singing in your black/white polka dot dress with Amy in the talent show ... roller skating (and Amy's mom crying), being pregnant together with Sadie/Lily... seriously, I can't limit it to one... OK, my best Erin moment... before the high school talent show... we had been in a big fight... we had both separately decided it was time to make up and I went to find you to hand you a long note and at the same time you came to find me to give me red roses...

Kelli said...

i already posted this as a comment on my blog because i forgot to look to see if you had this up on your blog yet, so here it is cut and pasted:

as you said, we didn't hang out much in school, but i always knew you were a great friend of amy's. and i remember that shower too as well as her baby shower when she was pregnant with maggie. you were always so funny (and continue to be as i read your blog)!

Jenn M said...

I don't know if I'd call this a memory or what.. but I will always think of you as Worlds Greatest Mom. I've never seen you lose patience with your babies. Of course, I haven't been around you tons.. but I've always seen you calm and collected and your children are your world!

Anonymous said...

I remember joining IPT and learning that getting up at 4 AM does NOT work for me. But that's when I met you, and we seemed to click instantly. We bonded over Jodi Picoult, and you found some of her hardcover titles in Remainders, and that endeared you to me even more. And we went to her book signing in Bailey's Crossroads, and there were only 40 people there! I went with my mom a few months ago, and there were hundreds.

I remember liking you immediately, and we never seemed to run out of things to talk about--even at 5 AM. I thought to myself, "I can do this if Erin's going to be on IPT." I don't know what I would have done without you!

I love you and miss you!


Anonymous said...

This one always makes me smile - You were about 5, we were in the VW on the way to VA when you moved from CT. You were sitting on my lap because the car was so packed there wasn't anywhere for you to sit. We were singing to the music on the radio and you politely asked to please stop because I didn't sing very good.
With the other comments about your singing I couldn't resist!
Aunt D

Roxanna said...

I remember Erin when you were in college and I was about 13 or 14, you would come to visit and I just thought you were so cool. I mean I still think you are cool but back then you were way cool. I loved that you would bring me mixed tapes of musical music and then as they would play you would tell me all about what was going on in the play. To this day I haven’t been able to see Miss Saigon but I would love to and I feel like I know the whole store all ready just from you. It was nice having a big sister. Thank you

Dark Fury said...

You're reaction to me not liking fried ice cream flavored ice cream. "WHAT?! You're weird! Olivia, Adrienne's weird!" You make me laugh!

Olivia said...

I think you already know which memory I am going to talk about. ;)

Picture it: Borders back office, 2000 and something. You, special orders clerk. Me, corporate sales rep. Together: endless amounts of good times and misunderstandings.

My favorite of course is when you were talking about being Amish and how cool it would be to churn your own butter and the whole time you thought I was verbally responding to you when really I was on a call with a client. You just kept talking until finally I had to put the client on hold to tell you to shut up! :)

I still laugh at that memory.
I miss you Dang It!

Sarah said...

I really only know you through your blog, but I have tons of memories of you! I remember when I returned to work after having my first child in '06 and your mom insisted that I read your blog. I put it off for a few days, but when I finally started reading (at work, of course) I spent nearly all afternoon reading about your experiences with having Sadie and what it was like to be a mom with a little one. I related to everything you posted and laughed and smiled and cried while I read. I thought of it as a treasure to read your posts and limited myself to a few each day thereafter so that I could make the experience last longer.

I have been away for a few months and was completely shocked when I read that you moved! I look forward to reading of your adventures in Colorado and thank you everyday for sharing them with me. (Although I don't usually say it!) Makes life in Spotsy as a stay a home mom a little less dull to read about the great places you are seeing!

girlysmack said...

I have a fan!!!!!

Who knew?!

I only wish I had gotten to hang out with you before we left town. Damn.

Chris said...

Me being the overwhelmed new kid giving you a rose in front of the whole 8th grade science class. I told my wife about it recently and she said, "What a dork!" EXACTLY. What a dork, indeed.

Good to read your doing well.