17 August 2008

birthday plans

So, as you may already know, my Bluebird turns four on Wednesday.

It's been a little strange, planning her birthday this year. Every other birthday, our children have been surrounded by family. We were so blessed.

And now...

And now.

No family. No Davenports, even, or any friends for that matter.

So. What to do. What. To. Do.

Jonathan took the day off so he can spend it with us. We told Blue she could decide what she wanted to do for her birthday and then we gave her a ton of options: the zoo, the aquarium, the movies, the park...

She decided we should go to the zoo.

So to the zoo we will go.

She has a doctor's appointment (just her basic 4-year checkup) that morning so we will go after that. But I am glad Jonathan can come with us so he can meet the new pediatrician.

Then we will go to the zoo. I'm thinking of buying some face paint at the party store and painting their little faces. And she'll need a sparkly tiara and a ton of balloons so everyone at the zoo will know it is her big day. And we'll have a blast at the zoo--Blue can ride another pony, we can go on the carousel, feed the giraffes... It'll be a great day.

I bought a ton of Jasmine birthday stuff--which was next to impossible to find, but I managed because I rock. So we have a Jasmine cake topper. And on Tuesday she is going to help me bake her own birthday cake and decorate it and then we will stick Jasmine on top. So we'll have cake after the zoo and I bought Jasmine plates and napkins and two huge Jasmine wall decorations and princessy streamers and stuff to decorate the apartment for the caking and gifting ceremony.

The gifts were a little tricky, since we had planned on getting her a bicycle. But while we were picking out my bicycle, she would not try to ride one. She wanted to, but she kept chickening out as we tried to put her on one. So that was good to know! We will hold off until next year on the bicycle presentation. So, no bicycle this year. Which left us with no major present, but several minor ones. Some Jasmine jammies, a Jasmine and Aladdin doll set, a Jasmine puzzle and two different Jasmine costumes. It doesn't seem like much, seeing it typed out but she really doesn't care, I think. Every time I ask her what she wants for her birthday, she looks a little confused. Like, I want presents for my birthday; what do you mean?

So that is the birthday plan. And then after we stuff them with cake and ice cream and scrub the face paint off of them and put them both to bed (hopefully happy and exhausted) I will probably collapse onto my bed and bawl my eyes out because I miss our family and friends so much.


Roxanna said...

Well we will all be thinking about you guys on Sadie's big day. Tim and I sent a gift last weeks so I hope it gets there on time.

Have fun!!!

Kerri said...

Oh, Erin...I have so been there! But, it gets better. I promise! This time next year you will probably be wishing Sadie didn't have so many friends! =)

Just enjoy the day and celebrate Sadie's wonderful life. She won't know the difference even if you do. =)

Sending smiles and prayers your way.....

Retainer Girl said...

We will be thinking of you all too. I just hope that you receive lots of love and gifts from family and friends here in Virginia to celebrate your wonderful daughter's day of birth. It would be a shame to punish a little child for no reason at all.

That said, I think the day you've planned sounds wonderful. I wished I had a sparkly tiara to wear on *my* birthday! You're an amazing and amazingly creative mom, so you've done well. And J rules for taking the day off. That makes the day even more special. Imagine how crappy it would have been here, with J so stressed and unhappy. This sounds like a perfect day!

Anonymous said...

AMEN, retainer girl! Life is beautiful out here. There is fresh snow on the mountains. It's a clear, crisp day. The kids have been going to bed exhausted every night from days full of adventures. I'm working 4 days a week now and my job is cake here compared to how it was in VA. So far, we've been to the zoo twice, the aquarium twice, museums, the movies, insanely gorgeous shopping centers and malls that rival anything in the country, and National and State Parks that you have to see to believe actually exist. In F'burg I was always struggling to find something fun to do. Out here, the fun finds us!

Sadie is going to have a wonderful birthday, and by next year she will have more friends than she knows what to do with. And of course I'm taking the day off! She's my Sadie-bug! I want to have a birthday she will remember, even though years from now she won't remember any of this. Thanks everyone for thinking of her on her big day!

Kelli said...

it sounds like you are making this a pretty awesome birthday for her and she will love every minute of it! i know how it feels to miss family and friends... i wish i could say it completely goes away, but it's definitely not so bad most of the time. and you get to experience so many wonderful things there! you will be feeling at home with great new friends in no time. in the meantime, the happiest of birthdays to sadie! :)

jeremyandchristina said...

Happy Birthday, Sadie!! I can still remember hearing about you being born. I was talking to Amy on the phone and she gave me the good news - I was so excited to hear you had arrived and LOVED your name. You are such a beautiful little girl with an amazing spirit. Hannah still talks about playing with you and your awesome birthday parties. Have a great day

(and give mommy a hug from us)

C,,J, H, and little j

Dark Fury said...

Aw, don't be sad! Birthdays are happy! Hence the phrase, probably. PS We miss you too.