02 October 2008


Has the bar been set so low that Sarah Palin manages to speak in complete sentences and we jump for joy and declare her a master debater?

All she did was stand up and look right into the camera and read some prepared speeches. Whether they related to the question posed to her or not. And mostly, they did not.

And she used the word "maverick" a lot.

And she winked at me.

WTF was up with that? Stop winking at me! It's creepy.


Anonymous said...

HEY!!! Stop it! You are such a hater!

She didn't accidentally fall off the stage. What else do you expect from her?!

Olivia said...


Amy Heiman said...
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Retainer Girl said...

But the thing you have to understand also is that these people of this great nation that we are in and the Americans who can also and that I'm going to bring those values to Washington because I'm an outsider also.

girlysmack said...


Dark Fury said...

She's a maverick, Erin. That's what mavericks, who are outsiders, do is bring joe six-pack to the table of plenty & also keep their maverick eyes on Russia and be mavericks. Did I mention MAVERICK? Oh. Well, maverick.

PS? I don't think they know what that word means.

Retainer Girl said...

Also also also also also also also

erin Snyder said...

"Wink, Wink" you betcha!!!

Anonymous said...

Q- What's the difference between Palin's mouth and her vagina?

A- Only some of the things that come out of her vagina are retarded.

Oh no you didn't!!!