05 January 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up

I went to the bodypump class. And it was pretty neat. It's not the same as the bodypump class I went to back home, more like circuit training. Alternating weightlifting and cardio. Whatever. I appreciate the fact that I left class and was still able to walk. I felt broken after the traditional bodypump class in Virginia.

That was Wednesday. Friday I went back for a second class and the instructor likes to shake things up a bit, I was told. We spent the entire class doing like a cardio/weightlifting bootcamp type situation. It was grueling. But I made it! And I was very proud of myself. I did have to modify some of the harder exercizes because of my weak knees. But I completed the class and thought, I can do this. And I will get in shape.

Fast forward to Saturday evening. Saturday evening I slipped walking down the stairs into the family room. And fell down the stairs in a most ungraceful fashion. And hurt my right knee. I mean, it sounds like popping bubblewrap every time I bend or straighten it. So not only do I feel like a complete klutz falling down the stairs, but now I missed class today and I am not sure how to proceed from here. And I feel like the instructor will think, Ohhhh, you hurt your knee ... what was it ... falling down the stairs? I mean, this guy has probably heard every excuse in the book. So I'm feeling very stupid and uncoordinated. And wondering how badly I have hurt my knee and how long it will take til I can work out again.


I don't know if you've noticed this but I am feeling my age right now. I mean, I am turning 34 next month -- I know, I know, 34 is not old, but in my head I am now officially, officially not a pert young thing anymore. That era, if I was ever even in it, is over. Over. So I am trying to finally get into shape and use moisturizer and take better care of my teeth. And now this happens. I am only surprized I didn't break a hip. Oh don't mind me, people. It's probably just premenopause.


Kristen said...

I hear ya. Since my 34th bday is tomorrow (yes, indeed), I've been thinking about this as well. And 34 is just so close to 35, and from 35 it's just a slick downhill slide to 40!! Yikes!!

Sorry about your knee. Hopefully you'll be recovered soon and back to killing yourself slowly at Bodypump. :)

joyfullgrrrl said...

hope your knee feels better soon and you can get back to working out! i've decided that age really must be part how we treat ourselves and how we think about it. you know, that old saying "you're only as old as you feel". i'm still 2 years behind you and if you saw my laundry list of meds and diagnosis' you'd think i was 20 years older. then you and me!!

think young, pert, thing - no matter what the number says!!! ;-)