22 February 2009

back in the saddle

I am back in Colorado with my boy and my babies and my boy's parents. Last week was a really rough one. I may (or may not) blog about it later but I will say this right now: thank you for any and all kind words and prayers for my brother. He is an amazing guy. I think he will be okay.
I hope he will be okay.

But I am very tired. And happy to be home. And fighting off some kind of coughing, sneezing scenario that is trying to knock me on my ass.

Lion turned three yesterday. I think he had a great day. And the Oscars are on tonight. So, adieu.


Anonymous said...

I take it you found National? Why did you call my house phone and not my cell? I didn't get the message until 3pm. You could have been driving yourself dizzy around Dupont for hours! :)

ciao peeps,

Olivia said...

I am glad you made it home alright. :) You should be getting a bday surprise in a few days. :D

Miss you!

Jenn M said...

Happy Birthday Jack !!!

Good to know your safe and sound :)