05 February 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 5

The Lion and I slept together last night. He and I have both been battling a cold the past few days. Last night he was coughing like crazy in his bed so I went in to check on him and maybe give him some Triaminic. He was miserable. He started crying and wailing and rubbing his eyes. I tucked him in and tried to say good-night, but he said, "I don't want you to leave me."

So I stayed. For a long time. I kept trying to sneak away every time he seemed to finally doze off, feeling like a complete jerk but needing to get some sleep myself. Feeling like a gigolo sneaking away before morning. And every time he opened his eyes and then his little face crumpled and he stuck out his bottom lip and cried, "Don't go!" How could I possibly leave him?

So I laid down beside him and whispered, "Mommy's here" over and over and watched his little face. Watched him rub his tired eyes. Smiled at his hair sticking straight up on the back of his head. Breathed in the scent of his baby shampoo. And wondered at the miracle that is my son. I hope some girl falls madly in love with him someday, so in love that she lies beside him and watches him fall asleep. And comforts him when he is sick.

Jonathan came up and found me lying in the Lion's bed. He suggested Lion and I sleep in our bed where I might be more comfortable, and he could sleep in the guest room so he might not get sick, too.

So Jonathan gathered up the Lion's Wiggles pillow and his little blue blanket and Lion grabbed his Thomas the Tank Engine and I gathered up Lion.

He slept most of the night, with only a few bouts of coughing. I spent the night mostly awake, scooting closer and closer to the edge of the bed to avoid getting kicked and at one point waking up in pain to find I was lying on top of Thomas the Tank Engine.

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