23 March 2009

6 utterly unnecessary things

I used to make up little lists of six things (because when I tell myself to name five things, there is always one more that pops into my mind to torment me) a while ago and I have decided to start up again. Maybe I'll use them on days I cannot think of anything else to blog about. I did a list once of six necessary things, so how about

6 utterly unnecessary things:
1. litter (find a freakin' trash can, people!)
2. country music
3. mosquitos and/or poison ivy
4. shoes that cost more than $100
5. diarrhea
6. Keanu Reeves


Olivia said...

But he is just so pretty to look at.

Anonymous said...

Keanu? Unnecessary? Where did I go wrong with you???


Olivia said...

Erin's mom, you are AWESOME!

Jenn M said...

I was taking a sip of my soda and saw Diarrhea and it almost came out of my nose.

Good list. I think Keanu is old news.

CindyLou said...

You forgot about ticks and tapeworms. I agree 100% on Keanu though.

Anonymous said...

Disagree that tapeworms are useless. What a great diet tool! You can eat all you want and your little friend will ensure that you don't gain an ounce.


joyfullgrrrl said...

so i totally agree with you on 1-5, esp 5. if you find a way to rid the world of it PLEASE share it with me! i do have to go with olivia and your mom on #6. esp since he was in one of my fav movies. no, not bill and ted, but my own private idaho. looooovvvveee it!

Dark Fury said...

Love you. Love lists. Good post. . .till number 6. Keanu is a necessary item in my world. Good actor? Bad actor? Don't care. Pretty. Yeah, I'm shallow.

Where's Weber said...

I laughed out loud with Keanu. I love that you make me laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

I love how Keanu is AFTER diarrhea!