13 April 2009

6 Barbie dolls

Here is the list of six for this week. It is a list of Barbie dolls I remember having as a kid.

1. Day-to-Night Barbie

Her outfit was a little pink suit and pumps for work that flipped inside out to reveal an even trashier little outfit underneath to go dancing in.

2. Western Barbie

She had bright blue eye shadow and when you pressed on her back she winked. I think this was when "Dallas" was a big hit on tv. I also had two Barbie horses, Dallas and Midnight. (Those were their names; I did not name them that.) And I had the Barbie Ranch and a little horse trailer so Western Barbie could drive Dallas and Midnight around.

3. Kissing Barbie

This little number came with a tube of "lipstick" ink. So she left a little lip-print on anything she "kissed." I remember my brother, George, also gave me a Kissing Barbie wallet for my birthday one year.

4. Sweet Roses PJ

This one was my favorite. Because she had dark hair and she smelled like roses and had an uber-girly pink ruffly ballgown.

5. Skipper
I think I just had a basic Skipper doll. But I remember my Skipper had a little cheerleading uniform that I used to somehow cram my Sweet Roses PJ into even though it was way too small because I thought it looked really hot on her. Or so I thought.


Elisa said...

I had a Sweet Rose Barbie,too. I loved her dress sooo much! I had all the really trashy Barbies that had really great prom dresses but liked to sleep around with the different Ken's :)

Dark Fury said...

I had 1,2 & 4. I also had Dallas & Midnight. Dark haired Barbies were always the best. Did you have the international Barbies? I had Irish, Spanish, Mexican & Chinese Barbie. Oh! And I remember thinking about that pink suit outfit...who would wear that? I stand by that question.

Retainer Girl said...

OMG! I LOVED Sweet Roses Barbie. LOVED. And also Peaches 'n Cream Barbie. They were so beautiful.

Erin's errands said...

I had a Skipper doll too!! I ended up cutting her hair, totally thought it would grow back!!! Wow what I would give to remember what I was thinking when I was playing with those dolls!! OH the days of innocence!!!