11 April 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The eggs are dyed. The carrot has been left out for the Easter Bunny. The cake, which will be turned into a big, coconut-covered bunny rabbit head tomorrow, is cooling off on the kitchen counter. The kids are in bed. I think they are very excited. I know Blue is. The Lion seems a little mystified by all of this. Last night, I was putting his jammies on him before bed and he was wriggling all over the place. I was a bit tired and cranky and told him to lay still because the Easter Bunny was watching him. He got very still and asked me, "Why? Why does he do that?"

"Why does he watch you, you mean?"

"Yeah, why does he do that?" He seemed a bit freaked out and I realized it is a little disturbing, the idea of some giant bunny watching your every move. So I explained that the Easter Bunny is like Santa, and he will reward children who behave well. Lion seemed reassured by this explanation. Santa he understands.

We took the kids to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt this morning.

There are so many kids in our neighborhood! It was amazing!  Lion was a little cranky (surprise, surprise) but I think that was because he wasn't sure what to do. I don't think he remembers last Easter. Luckily, he and I managed to grab some eggs the hordes of frantic kids missed as we plodded along behind everyone. Because all of the eggs were snatched up within minutes.

Blue made a new friend. A little girl who is her age and who lives around the corner from us. And Jonathan and I just love her parents! I had met the mom back in the winter at a little neighborhood boy's birthday party. And I really liked her then, but for some reason never called her. And she still has my number on her fridge, but hasn't called me either. I know she has my number there because we went over to their house on the way home, after hanging out with them in the park for hours after everyone else had left. I think Jonathan and I have made some new friends!!!!!

Tonight we had some pizza and dyed Easter eggs. I wondered, as we were boiling the eggs, how many other families were boiling eggs tonight. What a bizarre holiday.

As I was getting the salad ready for dinner, Blue announced: "That was not the real Easter Bunny we saw today."

I asked her what she meant and she said, "It was not the real Easter bunny. There was somebody inside of that bunny. I saw their neck when they hugged a girl."

Lion was listening with his eyes wide, so I explained that the real Easter bunny is magic and he only comes around on Easter Sunday and that the bunny we saw today was just someone dressed as a bunny for a photo op. But a big huge part of me felt terrible lying to her. Especially since we have a strict "No Lying" policy in this house. But they are only little (and they only believe in magic) for such a short time...

Later she told me she saw the Easter bunny out the window. That he looked back at her and then headed left. Left, she repeated, as if this were significant. And also that the Easter Bunny is as large as Mabel. That is one big bunny.

The Lion ran to the window, too, but he didn't see any Easter Bunny.


Elizabeth said...

Great Easter story! I love that Sadie was so insistent that she saw the Bunny going left; that's so cute.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Great pictures - that one of Sadie staring at the egg in the glass....she's sooo beautiful! I expect to meet those new friends of yours so you'd better get busy and call them!


Anonymous said...

For some reason, the pic of that big bunny reminds me of "Harvey!"
Happy Easter Youngs!


Jenn M said...

You aren't lying.. your designing a fairytale!

BTW - I don't know if it is just the way the picture turned out.. but that Easter Bunny creeped me out a little. Was he scary looking?

Oh, and your cake is AMAZING!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Easter Bunny was a little scary. I saw him eat a few small children while their parents' backs were turned.