05 April 2009

sniffle sniffle cough

I have been fighting a cold all week. And by "fighting" I mean lying in bed, sleeping almost all day and then all night. Jonathan has been amazing - letting me sleep all the time, taking care of the kids, making dinner and managing to get all of his work done ahead of schedule. Have I mentioned I am married to Super-Man?

He is flying back out to Virginia for a week at the end of the month. We have a tenant in Richmond who has not paid us rent in for ever. I have complained about her before and so now, unfortunately, we have to evict her. Grrr. We have tried to be patient and understanding, both of us knowing what it is like to be completely broke, but I think she is just in way over her head now and has no hope of getting caught up. And we really need her rent money to help pay all of our mortgages. So. There you have it.

So I will be very lonely and frazzled and sleep-deprived that week. I hate sleeping without Jonathan. Every little noise sends my heart racing. Even with our alarm system, I still sleep with one eye open. Plus the Lion talks in his sleep. Actually, he yells in his sleep. "Get out of here, Blue!" "Leave me alone!" He is a very angry little guy when he is sleeping. In his dreams, he kicks some serious ass.

They started swim lessons this week. Blue had been taking lessons this fall when we lived in the apartment and I finally found a place up here for her to take lessons indoors. And Lion, since he is potty training (finally) is taking lessons too! His first lesson was awful. He screamed and yelled almost the entire time. But the instructor was very patient and said he did fine, no worse than most first-timers. She warned me that his second lesson will be even worse, since he will know he is going in the water, but that by his third or fourth he will be fine. I hope so! He is very loud and did I mention this is an indoor pool? So it is very echoey in there!

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