29 April 2009

the third day

I am so tired. But I stupidly put on Notting Hill and so now I have to stay up to watch the entire film. I love this movie. I think I like it more each time I see it. I just laugh out loud at Hugh Grant's character.
But I have to say, who has friends like these people? I mean, I love my friends and we hung out a lot, but these people are forever having dinner parties. Who has that many dinner parties?

Speaking of my friends, Blue was playing some elaborate pretend game in her room tonight involving her feeding sharks. She kept coming in, updating me on the progress of the shark's mealtime. And then she mentioned Olivia was helping her. "And not Olivia the cartoon," she told me, "but Olivia your best friend. Olivia and Katherine are both helping me feed the sharks."

Oh, wait, this is the part where I always cry. The whole "... just a girl ... standing in front of a boy ..." scene. Sigh.

I miss Jonathan so much. I got an email from Andrea today and she was saying how awesome it is that Jonathan and I have been together for so many years and we still hate being apart. And it's so true. How many people never find what I have found?

The kids really miss him too. They keep asking when we are picking Daddy up from the airport, even though we made a paper chain. I put Daddy's picture by Lion's bed and I think that helps although tonight in particular he was very moody. He kept saying he didn't want to be all alone in his room. That he wanted me to stay in there with him. I told him I was going to be right downstairs, watching tv and he kept saying, "But I can't see you down there!" So finally I put my picture by his bed, too. He is asleep now.

He was playing in the backyard with Blue today. All the snow has melted and it was in the seventies today! So they were running around like maniacs in the yard. They are so loud! It was a bit awkward, because Lion has these Happy Meal toys he got a while ago. We're not sure who they are supposed to be so Lion calls them the Green Guy and the Black Guy (because they are green and black). Anyway, he was running around the backyard pretending the Black Guy was after him. Yeah. It was a bit awkward. I am sure the neighbors were wondering what was going on. Because here are a couple of things I overheard Lion yelling to Blue:

  • The Black Guy is chasing me!
  • I'm gonna get that Black Guy!
  • That Black Guy runs very, very fast!
  • Blue, I just caught that Black Guy and threw him in a bag!


Retainer Girl said...

Don't you remember that time Olivia and I took Sadie to the aquarium?

-- Mrs. Cusack

Roxanna said...

LOL thank you for that last part it really made my day. Tim and I miss you guys and the kids so much.