03 June 2009

bad boy

I have been having a lot of trouble getting the Lion to listen to me lately.

He is driving me crazy.

Last night when I picked Blue up from ballet he had a horrible temper tantrum in the ballet studio. I was mortified. I so do not want to be That Mom. You know. With the out-of-control children. I practically dragged him to the car and he screamed in the car all the way home. At the top of his lungs. Poor Blue, stuck in the carseat beside him just stared at him all the way home. I put him to bed without any dinner. My mom was appalled, but trust me, that kid is not going to starve! He eats more than I do!

Grrrr. He was a peach this afternoon, too. Jonathan thinks we need to use Time Out a lot more.

Is this normal for a three year old boy to make such a Jekyll/Hyde transformation?

Because I am losing my mind!


Kristen said...

That sounds an awful lot like my 3-yr old girl.

We are pretty much at a loss, too. So let me know if you figure out anything that helps.

Anonymous said...

I have 4 words for you:

George William Roth, Jr.

Don't forget that his moniker is Kaiser Wilhelm/Prince William based on his mood.

Jack's behavior is totally normal for his age.


Anonymous said...

Leila, Last night I mentioned to Erin the impressive meltdown William treated me to when I brought him to Emily's ice skating class - it was totally awesome. So, yes, Jack is completely normal. And isn't it amazing that both Jack and William have these beautiful angelic faces!There's the problem in a nutshell - how can you discipline such sweetness??!!


Anonymous said...

I totally have to chime in.....My William is prone to the same "attacks." Most of the time he is absolutely great and then the next thing you know, he is mouthing off like a 14 year old girl! (which, yes by the way, I have mentioned to him on these occasions) I think 3&4 are much harder years then the supposed terrible 2s!
Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the word is THAN, not then! :)

Anonymous said...

erin--i'm a little late on this one, but have to tell you that I've been wondering what has happened to my sweet little boy as of late. I never know what will set him off and everything has to be on his terms ("NO! I do it!!")

you are not alone and I can't tell you how many people have told me that the three's are much worse than the two's. encouraging, right?

take care, kristiina :)