06 June 2009

Starve, Pray, Love

I went to book group tonight. We were discussing Eat, Pray, Love. I meant to reread it, since its been a while, but I didn't get around to it. We really only talk about the book for a fraction of the time we are together so it was okay.

I had a really nice time. But I was so hungry! I have been on the Atkins diet for 8 days now. So almost no carbohydrates. And so I brought some cheese cubes (sigh) tonight and my own sparkling water to drink and watched the others drink wine and eat these gorgeous brownies someone had brought. I was honestly drooling. But I am determined to lose weight. And to break my insane addiction to sugar.

It is funny. Last week when I started the diet, I was saying that I was "cutting carbs" rather than admitting that I was doing the Atkins diet. Because of all of the negative opinions about the diet. I just didn't want to hear it. But now I am so friggin' proud of myself that I haven't eaten any processed food for over a week that I am telling everyone. I am doing the Atkins diet, people, and I am on day 8. I am hard core.


Elisa said...

YAY! Any diet will work as long as people stick with it and it doesn't matter what the diet is called. I will totally be doing South Beach when the baby is born. There is nothing worse that wanting to lose weight and being ready to and not being allowed to. I am proud of you Erin!

Anonymous said...

She is doing AWESOME, by the way. I'm very proud of my girl! Looking good, skinny!!!