15 July 2009

suggestions, please

Since Jonathan is away, this should be the perfect opportunity to watch some chick flicks, right?

Right. In theory. But I am having trouble thinking of any to rent.

I don't really like most chick flicks, so that is kind of a problem. I would watch Monarch of the Glen again but I feel like I just watched it. Oh, that's because I did just watch it!

So far this week I rented He's Just Not That Into You which was so lame I don't even want to waste any blog space complaining about it. Then I rented Ratatouille to watch with the kids.

Can anyone suggest a good chick flick for me? I have Penelope arriving tomorrow. That one was in our Netflix queue for a while. After that, I am drawing a blank. Help!


Anonymous said...

Penelope was great.

Have you seen 13 Going on 30? We loved it.

- Out of Africa
- Plenty (another wonderful Meryl Streep flick)
- The Devil Wears Prada
- Stardust
- The Golden Compass
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (one of the best love stories ever)


the Mikells said...

Its not a chick flick but "Best In Show" is always a great one to watch! :) Beyond that, I'm also a fan of "My Best Friend's Wedding".

Olivia said...

Penelope is wonderful! I think you will like it because the "look" of the movie is very Amelie meets Royal Tenenbaums. It's not a chick flick but may I suggest the first season of "Pushing Daisies?" Lee Pace, wonderful pop culture refrences, Lee Pace and once again the look is very Amelie. :)

Why not revisit some 80's chick classics like Girls Just Want to Have Fun and Troop Beverly Hills.

Have fun!!!

Kristen said...

hmmm . . . the only thing that comes to mind is "Sweet Home Alabama."
And, not a chick-film, but if you haven't seen "Waking Ned Devine", you really must. One of my all-time favorite movies.

Doll Face said...

- While you were sleeping
- Funny girl
- Harold and Maude (I know it isn't a chick flick, but it really is a great one to see over and over)
- Run lola run (again, not a chick flick, but awesome)
- 27 dresses
- Two for the road

Elizabeth said...

My go-to chick flicks (which aren't very girly) are Gosford Park, Sense & Sensibility & Lost in Translation. & of course, Clueless but that goes without saying. :)

Anonymous said...

That Old Feeling and
How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days


Retainer Girl said...

"Shag" is fabulous fun. I also LOVE beyond words "The Jane Austen Book Club."