19 August 2009

big day tomorrow!

Tomorrow my Bluebird turns five years old. AND she starts kindergarten. I feel so old.

So we just gave the kids their bath and picked out clothes for school for the very first time. It is extra important that Blue look awesome since tomorrow is also picture day.

Then we all piled into Lion's room for a story.  Lion and I both have bronchitis so for the past three nights he has been using his nebulizer. He hates the nebulizer. I think all the sounds it makes freak him out a bit. So before bed Lion sits on my lap while Daddy reads Richard Scarry stories very loudly so we can all hear over the noisy nebulizer.

We asked Blue what she wanted for dinner on her birthday and she chose shrimp and vegetables (meaning raw veggies with dip) and ambrosia salad. How cute is that? I bought some sparkly Italian lemon soda and a little tiny birthday cake for four. And tonight Jonathan went out and bought her a Disney Princess bicycle so we will give her that after dinner! I cannot believe my Bluebird will be old enough to learn to ride a bicycle!

On Saturday we reserved the picnic area at our neighborhood pool. Blue is having a Little Mermaid pool party. But now Blue has absolutely no idea when her birthday actually is! So every day has been "Is it my birthday today?" To which I try to (patiently) explain (for the umpteenth time): "Your birthday is Thursday, which is also the first day of kindergarten!" And then she invariably asks, "Is tomorrow my Little Mermaid birthday?" And I sigh and try to patiently explain that her birthday is one day, her Little Mermaid party is two days later. She just doesn't get it. I just feel bad that the excitement will reach its climax this weekend and then there is no more birthday for a whole year.

Edited to add: After getting ready for bed, Blue spent ages in the bathroom brushing her hair and putting on chapstick for school tomorrow. She is so ubergirly. She rocks.


Megan Garcia said...

Aw that's cute! Funny....David did the same thing the night before he started his new job. ;)

Roxanna said...

That is so cool... I want to see some First Day of School Pictures. Those are always the best!

Anneli said...

How was her first day? Can we expect an upcoming post???