27 August 2009

Hi, my name is Erin, and I'm a geek.

So I am all fired up about one of my classes! Yay me! The crappy thing is that it is my required English class and not my Anatomy class. Hmmm...

But it doesn't mean anything. It's not significant. I mean, I have always loved writing.

Writing + Reading + Decorating = Me, Blissfully Happy!

Who doesn't get more excited about a creative class than a science class? Right?

So tonight I went to my English class and I was practically skipping. I think I smiled at every person I passed in the halls.

I am such a dork.

I refuse to give in to my inner geek. I refuse to be one of those annoying, usually older, students who talks constantly to the professor. But, um, is it too late? Have I already been talking too much in class? Do I even have an "inner" geek or am I just a full-blown geek?

I am loving the idea of really working on my writing. I think I worry too much about what it is I want to say, about the finished product and not enough about just being creative and enjoying the process of writing.

So I just walked in the door. Jonathan had the light on for me and the kids are in bed and I am already overflowing with ideas for my next assignment. I will get around to memorizing the anatomical regions this weekend. I promise I will.


Anonymous said...

I think you'll use your medical skills one day to write a best selling murder mystery, like Patricia Cornwell. The great thing about writing is you can do it a little or you can do it a lot, so never stop, girly!!! I love you and I'm so proud of you!

Olivia said...

I know of a certain medical genius who will be visiting your fair hamlet soon. So maybe she can help you study? ;)

Quinn said...

I am delighted about this! Overjoyed! If you hear shouting from the rooftops, it's me. Writing is what you've always turned to, since you discovered the written word.....


Anonymous said...

On so many levels - WELCOME HOME!
Love, Your PROUD Mother-in-law xo

Jenn M said...

Well, maybe I'm just a perve, but I know of 1 question on that science quiz you probably won't get wrong. LOL