16 September 2009

Science Girl

So I found out the score on my first Anatomy exam. I was very nervous about this test because it was supposed to be a review of all of the basic Biology and Chemistry stuff we should have learned in Biology, with some basic Anatomy terms and regions thrown in. And, as you may recall, I haven't taken basic Biology. I crammed some basic Bio into my head this summer with a Biology Cliff Notes book and managed to pass the science placement test. So now I had to go back over all of that information more thoroughly to pass this exam and catch up to my classmates.

It was very overwhelming, because I made like a billion notecards and wasn't really sure if I was studying the right information. And then, of course, the exam was only like 40 questions. So I walked out feeling pretty good, but not sure if it was a false confidence.

My score? I got a 99!

Jonathan, the Wonder Husband, was so proud of me. I came home from class, where I had texted him my grade, and the house was squeaky clean, and he had run out and gotten a pizza for me. There was also a lovely card -- and a delicious lemon shortcake for dessert! How adorable is he? I am so lucky.

You know, it's funny. Somewhere along the way I had gotten the idea that I was bad at math and science. That I am more right-brained than left-brained. I think this is something that many girls, for one reason or another, come to believe. But I was the office supervisor at Borders a few years ago and was in charge of the safe and all of the deposits, payroll, and reconciling the corporate accounts. And I found out that I love math!

And now this exam has proven to me that I can also do science! I feel so confident. I get it! Just don't ask me to explain the Krebs cycle.


Kerri said...

Way to go! You should be proud! (And your husband sounds very sweet!) =)

Olivia said...


Anonymous said...

Erin - Ditto - YOU ROCK!!
PS - I STILL don't understand the Krebs Cycle....
Lots of love and pride for my daughter-in-law!

Christina said...

Go Erin, go Erin, go Erin!! It's your birthday!! :)

Krebs Cycle ... that sounds familiar... just familiar enough to annoy me that I can't remember.

P.S. SOME of us have ALWAYS maintained that you are a brainiac in ALLLLL subjects. Just sayin'.

diana.daniel said...

I joke with Eric periodically about developing/using my science brain. I know exactly what you are talking about it. It is really cool to learn you are smart in ways you didn't think you were.

A&P was great and nursing school is even greater... tough, sometimes frustrating, a little scary, but awesome!