09 February 2010

I am back!

Jonathan bought a new computer tonight while I was in class! I cannot believe how addicted I am to the internet. This was an absolutely horrible week. And I could kick myself for saying "it could be worse" in my last post. Idiot. Because Lion got a lot worse. sigh

He has a tendency to develop asthma whenever he gets any kind of respiratory problem. So the cough turned into a horrible, hacking coughing nonsleeping type of situation. We used all kind of over-the-counter stuff and the humidifier and his nebulizer and then finally Thursday night was terrible so I brought him to the pediatrician in the morning. It was terrible. Is there a more helpless feeling in the world than watching your child struggle for breath and not being able to help? So they prescribed a steroid and an antibiotic and checked him to make sure the nebulizer does help, that his oxygen levels do go up after using it. They do. And he was such a little trooper at the doctor's. We were there a while and he got to blow some bubbles for the doctor and suck on a popsicle, and listen to one of his favorite stories, Curious George Makes Pancakes.

So that was that. He is doing much better, coughing a lot less. Thank God.

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Wink said...

good. lord. RESPIRATORY, not respitory. it's late, my only excuse.