29 March 2010

party, party, party

So, this weekend was a bit busy. No time to blog. I will recap, just on the off chance that the littlest Young entered the world this weekend -- that way I have a record of what we were up to as he made his entrance...

Friday night we had out first dinner party in Glenbogle house! Jonathan invited two of his coworkers and their spouses to dinner. We served Velvet Shrimp and those crazy-strong trifles I made. The trifles were good, if you happen to like desserts that give you a hangover! At least they were pretty. And I will definitely make them again, but next time I will cut way down on the framboise!

I ran out Friday to buy some Ciabatta bread from Target and I grabbed some little mini brownies and a package of those frozen cream puffs. So while I did serve the trifles, I also set out a plate of little bite-sized desserts sprinkled with powdered sugar for everyone to nibble on while drinking their coffee. I think next time I will skip making a dessert from scratch and just serve the little mini desserts. They looked so pretty on my glass platter and it was so much easier!

I really had a good time. Everyone was very nice and the conversation never stopped. It's funny, though. I had such visions in my head of how hip Jonathan and I would seem, serving wine and maybe playing some swanky music in the background like Dean Martin or Eartha Kitt. Well, we did serve wine although only one person drank any besides Jonathan and I forgot about the music entirely. Actually, that's not exactly true. I was frantically stirring the Velvet Shrimp sauce when the first couple arrived a little early and we were blasting Weezer's blue album on the boombox in the kitchen. So Jonathan switched it off after letting them in, and we just figured there was no way to recover from that and pretend we really do have sophisticated taste in music!

Once everyone had left, I asked Jonathan why we don't have people over more. I really miss having my friends over. One thing I noticed, that was very different from living in Virginia: when everyone was leaving, we had our front door open for a while, talking to everyone, thanking them for coming, etc. In Virginia, we could never have done that! If our light was on, the bugs swarmed around it. We had one particularly humongous moth that Olivia called Mothra that was always flapping around our porch light in Fredericksburg. She and Katherine and Adrienne would have to duck and run out the door whenever they were leaving, and no matter how quickly they ran out, several billion bugs always managed to get inside.

I love living in Colorado where there are virtually no bugs. But I still miss my friends terribly.

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