19 March 2010


It is hard to believe it was in the seventies Wednesday and I was on a hike with Jonathan and the kids! It is snowing today.

It began to get windy yesterday afternoon and the temperature started dropping steadily. When I went to my afternoon class, I was wearing a tshirt and sandals with my jeans. By the time I got out of my second class, at 9 pm, it was freezing outside and I was wearing a hat and scarf and winter coat! So crazy...

It has been snowing all day. School was not canceled, because here in Colorado people know how to deal with a little snow, but we have about three or four inches out there right now. But it is nice and cozy here in the house. It is very clean, because Jonathan was planning to have some coworkers over for dinner. He canceled (because of the snow, because one of the coworkers was coming down from Fort Collins and they are expecting a loooot of snow up there) but at least the house is nice and clean, right? And I have a vanilla candle lit and the kids are watching a movie and I am rereading Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher and I just brewed myself a humongous cup of Earl Grey.

I know some people do not like snow, but I just love it! Even in midMarch and even right after a couple of gorgeous, sunshiney days, I love it. It is just so crisp and white and quiet outside. And so cozy and warm in the house. (Besides, I know that it is supposed to be warm again next week!)

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's snowing there. It is so spring like here. People have even been wearing shorts!