22 April 2010

home again, home again, jiggity jig

So technically I've been home since last week, but, hey, it takes me a while to adjust.

I didn't write in my journal about the wedding. That is because we didn't get back into our hotel room until after one am and then we had to get up to catch our taxi to Manchester airport at 5 am, so I had no time to write.

And I have no photos of the wedding day because I had Teresa's camera and was trying (unsuccessfully, I am afraid) to take photos of the day for her.

But it was a gorgeous day. Beautiful wedding. I hung out most of the day with Verity, Ben's wife. Jonathan's best man speech was a hit. We danced and danced and danced... I had a fantastic time! I cannot remember the last time I danced so much.

And we made it home late Monday night, after the kids were in bed. We just managed to get home before the volcanic ash hit the fan, so to speak. I cannot imagine. I would have missed three weeks of school! And I would have missed the children so badly, I cannot -- cannot -- imagine it.

I have been busy trying to get caught up on school. I had a big exam Tuesday and I have a paper due in my Psych class.

And Monday I enrolled Little Lion Man in preschool for the fall. I think he is very excited. He will go to the same preschool Blue went to. In fact, he will have the same teachers Blue had, which makes me happy. He and I showed up at the school Monday to register him and we had a little impromptu tour of the classrooms and the barn. I was so touched, because Blue's teachers remembered me and even asked how Blue is doing! I couldn't believe it because she was only in the class for five months and it was a year ago, but they remembered her...

Lion and I went to Target afterwards and I bought him a Bat-Man backpack. He loves it. He wears it around the house. I cannot believe how big he is getting...

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Anonymous said...

Awww...little baby boy is growing up. How time flies and I am sure for you it has been the blink of an eye! I am glad you had a wonderful time at the wedding and in England. And yes the stuff I emailed to you is true, I just thought I would use it to my advantage. Sorry I haven't emailed but my gmom almost died and I have been trying to play catch-up in school. I can honestly say, I understand what you are going through (with school) :)Elisa