15 April 2010

Lincoln - Day 4 - 6 April 2010, part 1

The following is from my journal:

Our anniversary. A most lovely day!

Yesterday was Gabriella's birthday. Teresa took her to another child's birthday party and I babysat Edward. Jonathan and Andy built a playhouse for Gabriella in the backyard.

As for my "babysitting" what I meant was I put Edward down for his nap and then I took a nap, too! Thank you, Edward!

In the afternoon, two couples Andy and Teresa know came over with their children for some barbeque and birthday cake.

Gabriella checks out her new playhouse

my attempt at our self-portrait

Jonny's attempt

Again, I was nervous to be around people I don't know. But they were all very nice. One of the men, Chris, is a real honest-to-God archaeologist. Very cool. He even wore little wire-rimmed glasses and had dark floppy hair. Perfect. He told me that we need to make sure we check out The Collection, the Lincoln museum, tomorrow. And, John, the other man, told us to eat lunch at Brown's Pie Shop. So we are planning to go to both!

Teresa and Edward

Then last night Andy and Jonathan and I walked around Bailgate, the area up at the top of the hill by the castle and cathedral.

Andy booked a table for Jonathan and I at Brown's Pie Shop for tomorrow afternoon. He walked up to the girl at the desk and asked to book a table for two. Jonathan gave her his last name when they asked for a name. And then I popped out from behind the two of them and said, "It's for the two of us" (pointing to Jonny and me) "not for the two of them" (pointing at Jonny and Andy) and the girl laughed. I think she did think they were a couple since they were dressed so nicely and they were standing so close together she hadn't seen me!

We went to two bars. The first one, The White Lion or The White Stag or The White Something-or-other, was very posh. The second one was The Magna Carta, where I got drunk the last time we were here.

So now I suppose it has become something of a tradition. At least this time I didn't start singing REO Speedwagon. Anyway, Andy and Jonathan were very kind to me, even though I'm sure I was acting like a complete idiot.

So today, our anniversary, I am afraid I am beginning the day with a hangover. Not too serious -- just a headache and insatiable thirst and an ubersensitivity to light.

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