06 July 2010

aspen grove

I was lying in bed reading a good book yesterday when I suddenly got the itch to paint a mural on the wall behind the bed. I went downstairs and asked Jonathan, very sweetly, to help me move our bed.

"Uh-oh," he said, getting up to come help. "What's going on?"

He is such a good sport! He moved the bed and then he took the kids on a long bikeride and then to the park while I listened to The Beach Boys and slapped some paint on the wall.

I love it! It's not terribly original. Many similar murals and decals of birch trees have been featured on design*sponge and Apartment Therapy, but I like it anyway. There are so many aspens out here. It seems very "Colorado" to me to have a grove of them on my wall...

I had planned to do more detail, paint "notches" and such on the trunks using the wall color to represent the bark, but I liked it as it is, more simple and graphic, so I made myself stop.

Jonathan loves it. (Thank goodness!) Now I just need to find some new bedding and lamps. Jonathan says "What's wrong with the lamps?" but I have never liked them. It's just that lamps cost money. At least this mural was free!


Wink said...

Erin, like I said on FB, I absolutely love it. It looks so clean and fresh. You are very talented ---- as for the lamps, you could totally make them work with the right bedding. As they are fairly minimalist as well!


Grumpy Editor said...

Erin, it looks wonderful. I too like it better this way than with more detail.

You should become an interior decorator!

Megan Garcia said...

I LOVE IT!!! I like your lamps too. What about getting new shades? It's amazing what that can do for renewing lamps.

LadyJedi00 said...

I absolutely love it :)

Valerie Vavases Myers said...

How did you do that, Erin? I want to do it in my bedroom, but don't have a lick of artistic skill in me. Was it terribly difficult to paint?

girlysmack said...

Thanks! :) It was actually really easy! You just put painters tape up the wall to guide your brush. And just stick the tape wherever you want it, really quickly so the tape is crooked and your "trees" are slanty and bendy. And then I used a paint with primer in it so it only took two coats.

I didn't really paint on the tape, just used the tape as a guide, since I figured the paint would seep under the paint anyway. (Can you tell I never have much luck using painters tape!)

I say try it. Do it! :) If it looks awful, just paint over it.