03 January 2011

cough, cough

The Lion is sick.

I know this blog seems like a major downer since I started blogging again. And I am sorry about that. Because we have definitely had our share of good times and laughter. And I am not depressed. But the truth is, Lion is sick. Just keeping it real.

It has been crazy, unseasonably warm in Colorado this winter. More like one long autumn rather than a true winter. Which has been awesome for Lion. He has asthma that gets aggravated every winter. It is breathing in the cold air that irritates his airway. And then the coughing begins. The coughing, the sleepless nights, the blue lips that scare the shit out of me. All that.

Well, like I said, it has been warm this year. So no cough! And I have been crossing my fingers and holding my breath and feeling so very, very relieved. Until yesterday.

This past week it got cold. Like ridiculously cold. It finally snowed! We got excited and then on New Year's Eve we took the kids sledding in City Park. It was fun, but it was so cold. I worried, like an obnoxious stick-in-the-mud mother. I only went down the hill once myself, because my own cough was finally getting better and I didn't want the trek up the hill, breathing in all that cold air, to bring my cough back. And I worried about the Lion. About all that cold air bringing on his cough.

I was proud of my little man, though. He went sledding (really sledding) for the very first time! And he loved it! So that was a big deal, and Jonathan and I were very annoyed with ourselves for not bringing the camera.

But yesterday the coughing began. And the Lion lost his voice. He basically camped out on the couch all day, watching Billy the Exterminator and telling me, in his little barely-there voice, that his throat hurt. And that alligators sometimes have up to 60 teeth.

So we gave him some medicine and Jonathan got the humidifier all set up in the Lion's room last night. And if he does not drastically improve by tomorrow, it looks like we will be heading to the doctor.


girlysmack said...

Thanks, girl. :)

Shannon Aprille said...

Love your blog! Came across it while searching out Colorado. My husband and I dream of living there one day. We have three boys, all who watch "Billy", we would love to adopt some day and we have a cat named Mabel. I couldn't help but chuckle at some of our similarities. :)
Enjoy Colorado and thanks for sharing some of your experiences.

S. said...

I hope your little man gets better, mine is too with the flu!