20 September 2011

six things

...about my decision to start blogging again

1. I stopped blogging because, honestly, life got so crazy I didn't feel like I had time to sit down and write!
2. I even stopped reading blogs altogether.
3. I feel very torn about blogging, to tell the truth.
4. I want to maintain a sense of privacy for my children - not just for their physical safety, but because of a moral obligation I have as their mother.
5. That said, I do want to record some of our journey to becoming a family of five and some sweet little anecdotes so that I always remember the details.
6. Ultimately, I decided I need to blog because I miss writing.


Olivia said...

YAY!!!! Welcome back!

MrsNelly said...

Welcome back. I am with you, when I decided to start a family blog I was a little nervous about making all our families information so public. However, I do love writing and talking about things. There is just so much in this world that amazes me, shocks me, makes me laugh, cry or enjoy to do and eat! To much to talk about. :)

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're back. Hooray!!

Exam Cram said...

It's glad to see you back.