09 March 2006

Comments I Received Yesterday

Whoa! I had to delete this one comment I got on my last post. It wasn't really a comment, it was just a list of all these kinky links--if you're into that sort of thing, some of the funnier ones listed were:

Big Tits Patrol
Black Meat White Treat
I Spy Camel Toe
Mr. Chews Asian Beaver
Please Bang My Wife
Teeny Bopper Club
The Big Swallow

Anyway, what I think is so hysterically funny about this--I think this was somehow my mother trying to post a comment! She was asking me about posting comments on my blog just this morning on the phone, and she's not too computer-savvy (sorry, mom!) . Plus the username was "your" so I think she was trying to type "your mom."

I mean, I could be wrong--I, myself, am not terribly computer-savvy and I am also very new to the whole blogging scene. For example, I also received a very nice comment yesterday from someone named Nicole who says she really likes my blog. And first of all I thought, is she for real? I mean, all I talk about are my babies and how in love I am--how lame is that? And then I'm like, do I thank her? And how would I even do that? (I guess I just did.)

And as for that other, pervy comment--if it's not from my mother, then all I can say is "Sorry I ever doubted you, Mom, and whoever you really are, go pick on some other blogger!"

1 comment:

Amy said...

Looks like blog spam...I saw that comment you deleted and laughed so hard.