07 March 2006

Man-on-Man Defense

Wow! We took Blue and the Lion to the doctor's today (Blue was due for her 18-month well-baby check-up and the Lion was due for his 2-week check-up). I didn't think we would ever get out the door! It must just drive Jonathan crazy--he is always sooo punctual.

We have been employing a sort-of Man-on-Man defensive strategy so far and it seems to be working. Basically, Jonathan takes care of Blue and I handle the Lion. Anyway, this technique will have to end on Monday when Jonathan returns to work, and then it will be all up to me, and if you are any good at math you will have noticed that I will be outnumbered 2 to 1. I have no idea how I will swing this, but so many women have done it before me, that I guess I will just figure it out as I go along! It can't be that hard, right?! And I actually picked Blue up just now despite my doctor's order to wait 6 weeks--and I survived. So, we'll see...

Anyway, today's doctor visit went well. The Lion's eyes look a lot better--thank you, Christina, for the tip about the baby shampoo! Both babies are very tall for their ages. They must take after their Daddy. And we were very proud of Blue. She was very well-behaved.

When we got home, we all decided the driveway looked a little boring, so Blue and I spruced it up a bit with some sidewalk chalk. Then as we were heading back inside, I asked her "Do you want some milk?" and she said "No" and shook her head. Jonathan and I are just amazed. I guess we should have figured she would eventually answer us at some point, but it has become so routine to just ask her rhetorical questions and keep up a one-sided dialogue. It's as if the dog answered us, we were that startled. Does this count, then, as my first conversation with my daughter? I'm counting it. I think my previous running commentary with her occasionally replying "Balloon" somehow just isn't quite on par with this.

Uh-oh, I've gotta run. Jonathan is upstairs playing with Blue and my Little Lion Man is waking up--hungry, from the sound of it!


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Anonymous said...

Hi! Glad to hear that the shampoo worked. :)