06 March 2006


as every night,
i stand over you.

i place a cupped
hand on your chest to
feel your body fill with air.

for now you are fine,
for now.

emotion burbles
in my head,
leaks into my ears
and out of my eyes.

i want everything for

everything good

marshmallows, a lemonade
stand, white sand, green corn
tamales, sidewalks and marine
layer mornings

newsprint on your fingers,
bubble baths, earthworms in
black dirt, satellite t.v. and
and at least one big win

grilled tomatoes, a dog with
yawning eyes, a place to hide,
hammocks in the summertime

a moment like this

Rachel Iverson

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! Where doe you find all of this wonderful poetry?