02 March 2006

Nasty Little Lion

Whew! We went out for the first time today as a family of four to take Little Lion Man to the doctor's office. He has been having some trouble with his right eye getting all crusty. So we brought him to see the doctor again. It's nothing major. Apparently, one of his tear ducts is a little small, so he may have this happen from time to time. It's fairly common, and it should be fine by his first birthday. We have a prescription for eye drops for him--so no big deal, thank God! I just imagine it getting all nasty again around every holiday or photo shoot for the first year... Maybe I'll get him a little pirate eye patch just to be prepared!

Which reminds me, the Oscars are this Sunday and I am so excited! I just love the Oscars. Aunt Lizzie sent a billion little outfits for the baby before he was born and there's one that's cowboy-themed. It has horses and cowboys and lassoes on it and says "Giddy-up" and "Yippee-Kai-Yay" all over it. It is super cute. I've already put it on him twice, and he's only been home for 5 days! Anyway, I may have Lion wear it on Sunday, in honor of "Brokeback Mountain" being nominated so many times. Now I need to think of an outfit equally Oscar-worthy for Blue. What else is even nominated? I could always dress her in black like Johnny Cash, but that's just not as cute... If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them...

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Christina said...

Hey girlie -

Hannah had this same thing! Our ped had us use No more tears shampoo on a wet cottion ball and massaged her eye from tear duct out to outer rim of eye and it cleared up. No more problems. :)
Good luck!!