20 March 2006

My Yucky Day

I was dozing on the couch with the Lion while Jonathan was hard at work in the office, when suddenly we heard Blue crying up in her room. She rarely ever cries, so I set Lion on his activity mat and ran upstairs to see what was wrong. There was my adorable daughter, standing naked in her crib, with rabbit pellets of poo all over her and her crib! I guess I yelled something like, "Ewww!" or "Oh, no!" because Jonathan came running up to see what was going on. He gave Blue her first shower while I cleaned the hell out of her crib. (Note to self: Never buy a used crib!)

So then, just now, I had given the Lion a bottle and went to pick him up out his bouncy seat... which was up on the kitchen island (I know, I know, that is a terrible place to put a bouncy seat, I know) ...and he threw up all over the place. All down the sides of our kitchen cabinets, all over the island and, of course, the floor. Somehow I didn't get a drop on me, which amazed Jonathan, but yuck.
And now I'm sure everyone is so eager to come over to my house for a meal, right? What can I say? Kids are gross.


Anonymous said...

Isn't motherhood beautiful? ha ha


Amy said...

You need to refer Jonathan back to this post when Mother's Day rolls around...